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where stay in madrid

If you ask me where to stay in Madrid you ask me the same question.there are too many hotels in Madrid area. It's hard to find a hotel that suits my budget. There is a hotel site that advertises a lot on the internet. with all the details, rooms and breakfasts. " where to stay in Madrid"  best question in this area.
the internet is a very nice thing. I contacted the site where I was about to click on what I would ask for in Madrid. with the stars. Separately, Madrid saved me from thinking of what I do when I go.Do you have any idea what I can do in Madrid?

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family travel

STATE ADIBalear Islands


POPULATION 675,400 ..

YÜZÖLÇÜMÜ5.014 km2


Religions are DİNİBirçok

Western Mediterranean, Spain, 80 to 360 km east of the community in the five large and many small islands.


According to historical sources are known to live 2,600 years, people around here. Balearic Islands at various times in history the Romans, Carthaginians, was the administration of Algeria and the Spanish. In M.Ö.122 islands, passed into the hands of the Romans, Vandals 466'da dominated. Vandallarla the ongoing struggle between the Eastern Roman Empire after the islands were included in the Eastern Roman Empire. Islands in the eighth century, fell into the hands of the Arabs. The treaty was the Umayyad Empire, including the Balearic Islands 903'te. Remained in the hands of the Muslims close to 400 next year. Aragonların than 1230 were attacked by stopping the invasion. Also tried to acquire these lands, although the British did not succeed. A final agreement in 1802 became a province of Spain. Currently, a province of Spain, in the state. Trade and strategic direction of the Mediterranean Sea is extremely important takımadalarındandır West.

Physical Structure

Balearic Islands, the geological structure as a continuation of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. These islands are separated from each other in the sea water uncovered çöküntüsüyle approach.

Important Balearic Islands, Menorca, Palma, Mallorca, Ibiza, Formentera'dır. These islands are small islands around. Usually the height is less. Majorca Island, only the height of the mountains 1400 meters. The caves are many. In particular, the Dragon Caves are very famous. Type in the concert halls are even given them.

Climate and Vegetation

Balearic Islands, the Mediterranean climate is seen. Climate is very yumuşaktır.Kışı rainy, summers are very hot. There are differences in climate between the islands. Minorka'da to whether the protective high mountains, cold and rainy in winter than in summer the temperature felt more vardır.Mayorka other islands', or two or three weeks in January and March, it snows. Other islands rarely snows. Maximum temperature in July and August are the islands.

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family holidays in spain

Spain's most northerly point in Esteca Varese, Toriñana Burnu'dur the west, both of them Galicia region. The most southern point of Punta Tarifa'daki Marroquin, Creus is the easternmost point Burnu'dur. The wide area stretching 856 km from north to south, from east to west is the 1,020 km wide area.

Spain's largest and the only lake in an area of 368 hectares and 55 meters deep, the Lago de Sanabria'dır spread.
Mallorca yacht harbor
Surface patterns [change]

The highest mountain on the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands of Spain, Pico del Teide (3,718 m) is. The highest mountain in the Sierra Nevada, Granada Province on the mainland Mulhacén (3,482 m) mountain.

Spain's northern coast and only Gijón and Avilés and La Coruña'nın Ribadeo showed significant protrusions, as in other places is almost a straight line moves. Compared to the other coast of the country, it can be defined as the coastal strips perpendicular to the coast and formidable. The reason for this is here, up into the mountains almost everywhere, entering the sea. This is the mouth of the rivers and the seacoast to the interior of the coastline, but until the entry into, often in the arms, especially in Galicia (Ríalardan) is possible. On the west coast of Spain, this shows the properties completely, but the mountains here, just as they enter into the noses of the sea, and IUDs have the rear parts of the generally flat areas of the northern coastline is not so formidable.

The characteristic feature of the east coast of the South and the plain and hilly areas, estuaries and lagoons between them ended in the pods. This is much easier to strip than the northern and western shores coasts aşılabilen. South coast from west to east bays of the most important Cádiz, Málaga, Almería and Cartagena Gulfs; Bahía in Alicante and Valencia in the eastern Gulf kıyısındakiler. Spain's longest rivers Duero, Tajo and Ebro

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